Things Your Kids May Want to Have in Their Doll Houses

Most of the times, kids are demanding, especially when it comes to their toys. And if you really want to maximize her excitement, why not give her everything she wants for her doll house? You may not know much about dollhouses, so it pays to know what features are available in the market and here are some of them:

Lights and Sounds

These may not be essential but it's nice to have then on a toy. It's nice to press tiny doorbells or hear their chime. The tiny house will also look more real if it comes with flickering lights that can be turned on and off. There are even dollhouses with realistic sound effects, making them very fun to play with. However, features like this will require a battery, which will add up to its maintenance budget.


If you look at a dollhouse image online, you will notice that it can have furniture too, just like a real home. They can come with the basic ones you will find in a normal home. However, your kids may want more additional items. These may be coffee tables and sofas. It can also be playpens and bassinets for nurseries. Ideas can be endless. Just make sure you equip the house with the items your child needs. Some may be too particular on the house' furniture while others are focused on paying with their dolls.


The toy house may look more attractive if it comes with a personalized flair. These can be tiny rugs, plants, wall art and other items that your kids will enjoy.

Outdoor Accessories

Sometimes, kids don't focus much on the house but the things found outside of it. After all, they often play outdoors. You can buy swing sets and tiny pools and even hot tubs too. There are even those that can be filled with water. For more brilliant ideas, check out see this KidKraft dollhouse review.